Next Level Assets is a boutique real estate syndicator focused on achieving above-market real returns while taking below-market risks.

Next Level Assets achieves superior real estate returns by 

1) identifying top-quality assets with competitive barriers in growth markets,
2) acquiring at discounted prices with high yields and low debt risk, and
3) managing creative value-add strategies to increase yield and investor equity.

As a syndicator, we enable investors to participate in the profits of deals they could never find, acquire, or operate themselves. We provide portfolio diversification through direct real estate investing in a variety of asset classes outside of your immediate area, wherever we find outstanding opportunities - or create them.

In contrast to owning properties yourself, syndication enables you to own a share in a larger deal along with other investors while we do 100% of the work – often, with a high minimum yield to investors before we get paid, so we have a big incentive to make your investment perform.

Next Level Assets operates as a “virtual company” involving project-specific special-purpose business entities, and close collaborators in the places we invest. Some of our key people include:

next level assets




Arthur has 30 years experience in real estate investing, and has acquired, improved, and sold hundreds of rental units from Class C apartment communities to A+ resort properties. He’s also an award-winning high-tech entrepreneur who knows how to start and run a business - for full bio, visit



Class A Management

Cathy brings 30+ years managing Texas apartments, commercial, and mixed use properties. Her company currently manages over 2,000 rental units and has managed hundreds of apartments units for Arthur.



Stay In Tamarindo

Bruce brings extensive experience developing and operating high-end vacation rental properties in the Tamarindo, Costa Rica market. He currently manages luxury vacation rental houses, multiple traffic web sites, and the local beach club.



Beachfront Team Meeting

A group selfie during a meeting with architects, interior designer, and hotel operations consultant.