Where the Beach Vacation of Your Life Can Save a Species




Turtles First is a globally-unique 6.75 acre gated beachfront community of just 14 luxury rental villas, to be constructed on Playa Grande in Costa Rica. We front onto the primary Western Pacific nesting beach of the majestic Leatherback Turtle, the world’s largest and oldest marine reptile – and severely endangered. So, we aim to help save them!
To maximize the value of this unique and spectacular location for investors, owners, guests, and especially the planet, the project will be designed, operated, and marketed as a destination that enables every guest to actively engage in the rare and authentic experience of helping to save the Leatherback Turtle.
By working with outside scientists, NGOs, and government agencies on programs from research to rescues, we can have a big impact on turtle populations - even our simple nightly "Turtle Tax" of $5/person will generate more grant money locally than all the turtle-related grants we are aware of combined.
We know that if we build this, people will come - people with money and influence, who want to do something about saving wildlife during their beach vacation.
We expect above-market returns because only a handful of vacation destinations in the world can claim “your vacation of a lifetime can help save a species” and guarantee it, from condominium rules to operational policies to a world-class national park beach.


For years, developers and environmentalists fought over the right to build on Playa Grande due to its environmental sensitivity, while turtle populations dwindled even during a long construction ban. Finally, new building rules were established, and we now have an opportunity to construct the 14-lot gated community developers fought for. But we are no ordinary developer, and 14 ordinary villas would hurt the turtles we want to help.

To "break outside the box" of conventional thinking, we dreamed we asked an endangered Leatherback Turtle what we could do for him that would be better than staying away entirely. He said: “don’t come watch me, come help me!”. Thus was born Turtles First, which aims to convert Costa Rica’s world-famous eco-viewism into eco-doism. Someone is going to develop this property, and by putting the turtles first, we can not only help them, but make a great profit!


Our plan for Turtles First leverages an ideal and monopolistic location for authentic nature experiences, highly innovative villa and site designs that maximize promotional, financial, and eco-opportunities, and unique business model aspects designed to achieve higher than typical beach resort operating profits that will benefit investors, villa purchasers, and the turtles.

Key project highlights include:

  • Special & spectacular location: Surrounded by national park on Playa Grande’s pristine unspoiled beach.
  • Globally desirable location: rare turtles, estuary/wetlands tours, or world-renowned surf breaks in 90 seconds.
  • Exclusive, private & secure gated access: Playa Grande’s only gated beachfront community – likely forever.
  • The only 4-star quality on Playa Grande: and the most eco-friendly, wildlife-friendly villas ever built in the area.
  • Reclusive & pristine location: remote, yet just 5-minutes from bustling Tamarindo in our planned water shuttle.
  • Easy access: 1 hour drive from fast-growing Liberia airport with more daily US non-stops all the time.
  • Big discount: 6.7 AC for same price as 1 AC listing nearby, and 1/20th of price gov’t paid for nature reserve buffers.
  • High-profit Bali courtyard villa design: filled with guest-attracting features like outdoor showers and monkey decks.
  • Unique programs to engage guests in saving turtles: from hands-on rescue missions to political action.
  • Simple turnkey investment model: we manage all villa rentals and operations & villa owners get checks.
  • Unique eco-mission destination resort theme: “Where the Beach Vacation of Your Life Can Save a Species”.
  • Extremely limited availability: Only 12 villas will ever be sold, and $1M early-bird pricing only expected for 1st 3.
  • Do well by doing good: targeting double-digit yield to villa buyers, with 7% guaranteed minimum 1st 24 months.
  • $5M-$10M total project, build speed-dependent: targeting 30%+ IRR to development project investors.
  • Expected turtle conservation support pencils out to over $100,000 plus 10,000 person hours annually.
  • A scientific advisory board will direct our volunteer and funding programs where help is most needed.

Our monopolistic location and geographic barriers, exclusive courtyard villa design, turnkey business model, and “Turtles First” activities designed around saving the Leatherback Turtle will integrate to provide compelling strategic advantages and impassable competitive barriers.

Because of our extreme differentiation, we expect above market room rates and profitability versus other local resort operators once full-scale operations are achieved, which should lead to outsized yields & value growth for villa owners, as well as substantial eco-impact that leaves a legacy. But outstanding returns pencil out even just assuming area averages! All this plus the additional bonus of an amazing Costa Rican vacation destination anytime you like, with all your travel costs a write-off.


We look forward to sharing our results here, and hope they will be as good for the turtles as our projects tend to be for investors! We also hope you’ll want to own a villa here yourself or with partners, because millions of years after the turtles first came, the owners of these unique assets and their descendants will hold the legacy of Turtles First forever, which is this:

profiting handsomely by saving a species, while surfing world-class breaks in paradise…

Please contact us today to participate in this unique opportunity to do well by doing good on one of the world’s most spectacular beaches.


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