The Next Level In Sustainable Retirement…


  • Web: (Coming Soon)
  • Facebook: @QueposCloud
  • Acquisition Date: In Escrow
  • Location: Overlooking Quepos and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
  • Scale: >650 Acres for farm, residences, village, tourism, preserves
  • Structure: Single-Purpose US LLC and In-Country Subsidiaries
  • Return: High and sustainable returns for people and the planet 



Quepos Cloud is the next level of permaculture/intentional community seeking complete sustainability - measured ecologically, financially, and socially. The core of the project will be permaculture farming, surrounded by residential sea view lots with a retirement emphasis, co-housing pods, a stunning clubhouse and infinity pool, a cultural zone with unique tourism activities from folk dancing to pottery, and a cloud forest preserve - plus the best waterfall jump for 20 miles around.


We are acquiring over 650 acres of incredibly beautiful land overlooking the Costa Rican town of Quepos, and the nation's most-visited national park, Manuel Antonio. The land offers abundant water and fertility for farming, two miles of ridge line with sea views to Manuel Antonio for lots, and cloud forest plus a great waterfall jump and swimming hole for tourism. We can obtain nearly everything needed to live in harmony with the land from the land, from hydropower to clay for bricks, adobe, roof tiles, and our pottery school.

The land feels secluded with amazing views in every direction, yet unlike most permaculture communities our gate is just a 15-20 minute drive from a supermarket, airport, hospital, and marina. The airport and marina are both expanding, and the area needs more cultural/tourist activities - which we can provide to create micro-businesses, cash flow, and jobs. The local areas has no retirement community options, while not many good ones exist for the entire US middle class.


We aim to provide "The World's Most Sustainable Retirement Plan", offering large sea view lots at low cost starting at just $100k. For around a quarter million total, retirees will have a gorgeous eco-friendly home and lifetime income from 2 guest casitas, with nearly unlimited abundance of clean water, zero-kilometer organic food, and zero-kilometer clean energy, plus a wide range of cultural amenities. Need assisted living? Simply move a caregiver into one of your casitas.

For those who bring creativity, energy, and a passion for permaculture but lack financial wealth, we plan low-cost ways to permanently join in community including 3 co-housing pods of tiny homes each surrounding a common house for shared meals and gatherings. We will enable numerous construction, agriculture, hospitality, and tourism micro businesses offering educational and work-trade opportunities, and introduce casual tourists to permaculture and local culture via educational tours of our facilities and preserves via hiking, horseback, and possibly authentic ox carts.

We intend to evolve a conscious and intentional community intent on living in harmony with nature, and sharing the "how" with others. We will finance this unique project via a "Sponsors' Circle", which will consist of 12-25 long-term community founders vetted by the group as it grows. Each member of the Sponsors' Circle will receive a sea view lot over 1/2 acre in size selected in order of joining, plus a 1% share in all of the future profits of the parent developer - which equates to the yield from another 3+ acres of stunningly beautiful land. Either the building lot or equity share would be a great investment opportunity, but we will provide both to those who fit the community spirit we envision and financially enable it to establish.


You'll have to wait and see! We can say a few things so far:

1) Several Sponsor's Circle spots are already spoken for. While we are not yet accepting deposits, the placeholder list will be first-come-first-choice when it comes to lot selection.

2) We presented our plans to more than 20 key officials of Quepos including the Mayor, City Manager, Muni President, Health officials, and members of the Chamber of Commerce & Tourism. Our unique combination of permaculture and local culture was received extremely favorably by all officials, and our project is seen as important to the area. 

3) We are building a "dream team" of advisors and specialists to assist in planning and executing the project, including multiple leaders, teachers, natural builders, and farming experts from Costa Rica's permaculture community. 

We think we are off to a good start on a big project that attacks some big problems, from a lack of attractive middle-class retirement options to how we can create intentional communities that prosper financially as well as demonstrating harmony with nature to enable permanent sustainability.  



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